Oh hey! My Name is Annabelle! I'm a 16 year old girl who likes to draw weird stuff and loves deers and boys.

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cornidus replied to your post: spookypooks said:RISD came to my …

i’d say shove as much life drawing as you can in there!! i know i’m gonna photograph my figure drawings from liana’s class beforehand if i get the chance (if not then i’m just gonna sit risd out)

i think that what i’m end up doing tbh and hope for the best

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RISD came to my school last year and what I got from it, they' re looking for strong foundation / technical skills in art. They have a "foundation" year, which they're ultimately selecting you for, rather than a particular pre-determined major. They do enjoy conceptual thinking, as most art school do, but they're not completely based around it like say, Cooper Union. Im sure you have lots of strong portfolio pieces and you'll get in easy! ~

Thats what I heard about them and by their portfolio requirements…I think the problem is my school is extremely conceptual when it comes to assignments(though I do enjoy that) so I don’t have a lot of technical pieces in portfolio

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Little news update

Bad news: I lost my tablet pen again 2 week ago so I couldn’t make any art
Good news:I order another and I’m mostly like to get it by Saturday so I’ll probably be posting something by next week

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